About Overwatch HQ

About Overwatch HQ:

Created almost immediately after Overwatch’s announce at BlizzCon 2014, Overwatch HQ aims to be a friendly and accessible community for Soldiers, Scientists, Adventurers, Oddities and Guardians who are excited for Blizzard’s new Team Shooter, Overwatch!

Some Communities around competitive and team shooter games can be quite..highly strung :-) Our aim here is to be a welcoming, fun and friendly place for people who enjoy Overwatch and the thought of it, regardless of gaming skill level, familiarity with shooters or team games, or even gaming in general.

We can have fun with the fire of good competition, but without the flames – and our Community rules/guidelines for community forum and comments, content submissions and in time gaming and competition together will reflect as such.

Content wise, we aim to cover news and creations from a community angle, focusing on the fun and creativity the game is already bringing to people even before Beta!

Whether it’s community creativity, debate, theorycrafting, video, game tactics or eSports, we’d love to hear about and discuss it all.

If you’ve got something Overwatch you’d like to share, please get in touch, or why not pop by our Community Forums and say hello?

See you on the battlefield, heroes!

-The Overwatch HQ Team-


About Us:

The Overwatch HQ team (all two of us currently!) are life-long gamers who’ve been using Steam since it was a patching client, and who have played together in numerous MMOs, clanned FPSs and other games.

Find out a bit more about us on our Team page once it’s up!